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With a harbourmaster for a father and brother working as a pilot it might seem inevitable that shipwright Mal Hart would run a business specialising in building pilot-boats. But it’s been a long journey, much of it travelled by ocean, to get to the day when Mal could turn his hand to realising something that has always been in his blood. There were many years of building, and professionally racing, high performance yachts and working with high-tech composite material before the time was right. Today there is an inevitability to the vessels that are now slipped from Hart Marine. High performance craft built with a range of sophisticated composites that perform in the high-stakes game of delivering pilots to ships in all weather conditions. With his brother now depending on Hart Marine built ORC pilot boats to ply his trade it seems the family nautical tradition is set to continue for generations to come.

Hart Marine and the ORC pilot boat

Hart Marine collaborates with French naval architects Pantocarene France in building a range of pilot boats that have far surpassed performance expectations. The ORC is self righting and features include oversized rudders for increased manoeuvrability, wide side decks with an Ocean 3 fender system to facilitate pilot transfer and a suspended wheelhouse that reduces structure-borne noise and vibration and crew fatigue.  Improved stability and sea-keeping characteristics are achieved through the vessel’s hull form, with a wide waterline and wave-piercing beak bow to minimise pitching.


The ORC pilot boat in action

An hour’s drive from Hart Marine the entrance to Port Phillip Heads offers the perfect arena for putting a pilot boat to the test. Something that Port Phillip Pilots do everyday with their fleet of Hart Marine built ORCs.

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Safety + Performance

Self-righting should be at the top over every pilot’s wish list. The ORC pilot boat manages to combine comprehensive safety features with outstanding performance.

Hart Marine in the news

There’s been growing interest in this new generation of pilot boats which have shown they’re more than capable of taking on the demands of bigger ships, longer pilotages and more frequent harbour visits. This has generated considerable press coverage in the marine media world. Contact Hart Marine if you’re interested in planning an article.


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Hart Marine and high performance yachting

Many years of building high performance yachts has given Hart Marine the experience and the skill set to work with the materials and with the precision required to deliver pilot boats that live up to and even exceed their specifications.

Hart Marine builds include:

Skandia Wild Thing (now called Etihad Stadium), Brierty Limit, Brunell-Synergy (now called Ichiban), Secret Men’s Business 1, 2, 3.5 and 4, Chutzpah, Finesse, Raw Nerve, Raw to the Core 1 and 2, Verve, Ausmaid, Longitude, Medicine Man, Fast Forward and Synergy.